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Art History Training: Identity

I’m studying for this HUGE exam I’ll take on Wednesday (he’s going to ask stuff from prehistory to renaissance and I’m SCARED) and while reading the info. there’s stuff that comes into my mind that either makes me laugh or makes me feel like OH MY GOD, THIS IS SO INTERESTING/COOL/AWESOME.

And as I do, I realize that these feelings and stuff going inside my head are things that I can only share with my fellow classmates. 

We’re just in our first semester and little by little we are building this sort of identity that makes us come together and go like WE ARE ART-HISTORIANS (or will be).

Some hours ago, one of our classmates posted something on facebook about a greek art exposition and everybody (from our class) went like “OH MY GOD, WE HAVE TO GO” or “I’m in!!” and these are things that have never happened in my life, and then I look at people from high school and it’s like I know they’d never react the same way.

I guess we’re just a bunch of geeks that have come together by coincidence or destiny or whatever, and even after all the stress we go through (collectively as well) it feels good. 

It feels good to be in this place with this people and even though sometimes I wish I’d gone to study something else so that I could go to a cheaper university, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Like Tom said, I love us.

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